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Freeformer is intended as a web based tool for managing Freeform character sheets at gaming conventions such as Phenomenon or Arcanacon.

Login to Freeformer: Members to manage your games.

A Freeform (also known as LARP) is generally a multiplayer game, anywhere from 10-50 players (historically this has gone up to 250 players in some fairly crazy games). A convention freeform is usually a single scenario with players meant to be played over 1-3 sessions, and not really intended for ongoing character development. As all the initially game setting has to be on character sheets, the "Who's Who" section can get quite complex both to maintain and to for players to use.

The goal of Freeformer is to:

  • Standardize character sheet printing and character maintenance
  • Give players improved access to looking up what they know about other characters
  • Tools for analysing and maintaining who's who grids, with tiered information access.
  • Tools for allocating characters to sessions and players.

As it currently stands, Freeformer is VERY much in prototype. If you want to use it for your game, contact Robbie Matthews with FREEFORMER in the subject, and I will be happy to set you up. I'm also happy to work towards improving this game to meet your needs, and to take suggestions.

Also, if you want to help with development, let me know. Particularly if you have CSS or graphic design skills.

How to Use Edit

After being set up (see above) you will be able to access any of your active games by logging in HERE.

You can enter details on each game, and edit or add new characters

Each character has name, public information, private information, gm notes, and a list of every other character in that game. What the character knows and thinks about each other character can alse be entered here, along with an 'Attitude': Enemy/Rival/Neutral/Friend/Lover, that sort of thing.

Remember to hit Save at regular intervals, especially if you are committing lengthy edits

You can embed HTML tags in your descriptions if you like. Please don't abuse

I will be adding the ability to include links to other characters


Categories and Groups

Player Aids

Character Grid

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