Freeformer is written in PHP and MySQL

Development Path Edit

This is very much in Alpha prototype. Goals are:

  • Basic game and character entry and maintenance. (Working)
  • Viewing of character sheets and who's who (working: optimized for mobile devices)
  • Tiered character information (Currently working for public, private, and individual knowledge)
  • Stats block: An optional section on the character sheet for stats. (Working, more or less)
  • Per game customizable html character sheets and stylesheets.
  • Per session player photographs
  • Game import and export in a variety of formats
  • Analysis tools for character relationships (started: See Character Grid)
  • Customizable character groupings (working)
  • Name tag printing with id nos and/or qrcodes for rapid lookup of character details. (working)
  • Extend who's who to objects and items (?)

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